Enfant des collines

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“Enfants des collines” is a Swiss humanitarian organisation whose main aim is to fight
against the traffic of children and the development of the rural areas in Benin.
The association was founded in December 2004, and has a partnership with a local NGO
called “Humanité Plus”. It supports more than 130 children for their education or the
apprenticeship of a craft.

So that our activates affects the whole of the villagers and so that we can act durably
against the precariousness of their every day life conditions, “Enfants des Collines”
today proposes to sponsor different projects.

By sponsoring one of our many projects, we guarantee you that the totality of the funds
be used for the project of your choice.

Efficient tool against poverty, micro-credit gives the people who are in precarious situations
the possibility to start an activity that will enable them create revenue. A loan is granted to a
group of women whose project has been analysed and monitored carefully.

The loan, of approximately CHF 100.-, is agreed to for a period lasting up to 6 months.

It can be renewed and increased if the project develops well.
When sponsoring one or more of these groups, you enable these women to provide
for their children (food, healthcare, education…)

Sponsoring for a group: CHF 100.-
Dining Hall

Three cooks from the village prepare a day-to-day healthy meal for the 116 sponsored children.

Annual salary for a cook: CHF 540.-

Access to drinking water

The village of Mougnon has faucets and these could supply drinking water for the villagers.
Unfortunately, these faucets stay closed and inaccessible to the population.
With CHF 250.-, you could allow for one of these faucets to be opened and as a result,
facilitate the access to the drinking water.

Cost for the opening of a faucet: CHF 250.-

Sanitary Installations

When sponsoring, fully or partially, the installation of sanitary objects,
you help reduce the risks of contracting illness.

You can always participate with a specific donation: we will use the money for the most urgent projects.

When becoming a member:
You will receive twice a year a news letter, with the progress of our activities in Benin
and in Switzerland as well as information linked to the themes that preoccupy.
At Christmas time you will receive Christmas cards.
Members also receive information linked to our activities in Switzerland
and the different ways in which they can concretely help us in our actions.

Due prices

One person: CHF 50.-
Couple: CHF 75.-
Student: CHF 30.-



Enfants des collines
Ch. du Châtaignier 11 bis
1026 Echandens

+41 076 520 91 38 (Nora Rupp)
+41 078 725 47 92 (Clea Rupp)

UBS Lausanne
Clearing number 0243
Account number 0243-340800M2C